What is the ABV of Little & Green?

The ABV of both Sneaky Orchard and Shady Bramble is 5% Alc.

What is the nutrition information of Little & Green?

We have 2 variants of Little & Green Cocktails.

Shady Bramble is inspired by Ireland’s deep, dense hedgerows and loaded with flavours of wild juicy blackberry, raspberry and violet.

Sneaky Orchard is a harvest festival of ripe pear, crisp apple and elderflower flavours.

Both are made with all natural flavours, no artificial sweeteners, vegan and gluten free. They are available in 250ml cans, with an ABV of 5% online at https://littleandgreen.ie/

Sneaky Orchard
Nutritional information for 250ml
64kcal per 100ml
160kcal per 250ml

Shady Bramble
Nutritional information for 250ml
59kcal per 100ml
147kcal per 250ml

Does Little & Green contain allergens?

No, our products do not contain any known allergens.

Is Little & Green gluten free?

Yes! Little & Green is made with gluten-free ingredients.

Is Little & Green vegan?

Yes! Little & Green is vegan.

What is the shelf life of Little & Green?

Generally, Little & Green will stay fresh for about 12 months after it was packaged.

Can I stock Little & Green at my retail location, bar or restaurant?

Please get in touch with us at hello@littleandgreen.ie.

Why does Little & Green talk about boldness so much?

Great question! And we’ve two answers for you. Number one, we bang on about boldness so much because poitín – our key cocktail ingredient – is boldness personified. It’s centuries old. It’s been outlawed and ignored and still it’s survived, unscathed. It’s an uncompromising spirit made by uncompromising people. Answer number two is that we want YOU to embrace and enjoy the same bold attitude. Be uncompromisingly you! Be unstoppably free! Just like poitín.